“SSC opening is start-up and “great adventure”, there is not expected easy and briskly implementation. We have provided data migration and connected for servicing all locations (of the staff) within 5 years”.

Tatyana Ovsyannikova
Regional head of Operational Department, SAP Services Staff

In January, 2017 HR Qyzmet project team visited service center of SAP Company in Prague, Czech Republic. The purpose of the trip was to study establishment and development processes of Service center and its

SAP Services shared service center establishment was due to commitment to integrate transparent, unified processes and to maintain high quality of service.

The following processes were transferred into the shared service center:

  • Data management;
  • Salary accounting;
  • Recruitment;
  • Working, visa, business trips authorization;
  • Out staffing;
  • To issue and sign certificates and documents in the companies.

At time of companies’ migration to SSC project team went away to the regions, provided sensitization of HR employees and express-interview. Then data transmission channel was established from regions remotely after the information of HR Department employees.

Reaching stabilization stage, the center continues to improve processes. In 2013-2014 was introduced three – tiered human resources management model. In 2015 cloud HR management model introducing have started. Processes transfer to cloud solutions and introducing robotic in documents recognition processes scheduled for 2017.

All locations and staff transfer lasted for 5 years.

Although SSC integration in SAP Company was successful project team have shared with some essential lessons learned from the SSC model implementation process:

  • Automation of the processes is the priority in the stabilization stage of the SSC model because complete unifying and process standardizing are not available without it;
  • More attention should be given to communications between SSC staff and SSC users.